GROUP IGE completes the construction of a 313 MW wind park in Cuenca

Thanks to the great work of the teams in Honrrubia, Cuenca, GROUP IGE, has just finished the works in the GECAMA wind farm, being the largest wind park of the Iberian Peninsula to date.

Thanks to the work and commitment of our team and collaborators in what is already the largest wind park of the Iberian Peninsula, which with 312 MW will save 150,000 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere and will generate the energy necessary for 260000 homes…

Based on a detailed study and our extensive experience over these 47 years, we can conclude the project leaving behind our signature on the 70km of roads, 150km of connection network trenches, 1. 200,000 m3 of earthworks in roads, platforms and foundations, having been a challenge and a journey that will leave its mark on all the professionals who have contributed to what will undoubtedly be one of the most significant projects in the coming years.

With this project, GROUP IGE is positioned as a reference in the construction of wind parks of high complexity and size, highlighting a high commitment to the client and good work within the renewable energy sector and as a key partner to ensure an execution with high standards of quality and high reduction of costs.

Ahead of the scheduled dates for each milestone. The great coordination between the different teams involved showed extraordinary management and efficiency in all processes.

Being one of the regions with the best wind resource in Europe, GRUPO IGE will undoubtedly be working in Castilla y León in a short period of time.

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