About group ige

Quality, safety and environment.

We always seek to offer the maximum guarantees in all our projects

Quality, safety and environment.

Grupo IGE Internacional (Isidoro Grupo Empresarial S.L. in its legal name) has an integrated management system in all the processes of the company, in accordance with the requirements of quality, environment and health and safety at work, specified in the following international norms:


We consider it essential for our development as a company that all working personnel, as well as all relevant stakeholders, integrate these requirements, from the beginning to the end of all processes, with the aim of offering the maximum guarantee of reliability to all our customers, and with the clear purpose of continuous improvement of our work.

The potential benefits of complying with these standards are:


Protecting the people who carry out their activity within the company.


To provide services that meet the requirements of our customers.


Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements to which we are obliged.


Improve the culture of the company by identifying and developing innovative solutions.