Photovoltaic energy

Building the path to more sustainable energy.

Energia Fotovolatica

Construction of Solar Parks

All the solutions for your utility-scale photovoltaic project.

We apply the same rigour, quality and environmental standards in all BoS and EPC associated with photovoltaic projects, both self-consumption and utility scale.

Our teams and machinery are highly specialised in the execution of civil, electrical and assembly works for photovoltaic solar parks.


We undertake projects:

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Civil BoS

Years of experience in the sector executing wind parks, electrical infrastructures and civil construction have made us the best option for cost reductions and minimisation of execution risks in the construction of renewable generation assets. Grupo IGE provides its clients with a wide range of technical profiles, labour, operators and auxiliary services with a broad background in the construction of roads, drainage, MV and LV lines, auxiliary buildings and civil works associated with your photovoltaic park.

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Our experienced team of installers can carry out the assembly of fixed structures or those with the main trackers on the market, both in industrial self-consumption and photovoltaic generation parks.

We take care of:

Electrical BoS

A team with extensive experience in the construction of wind parks, industrial self-consumption installations and mechanical assembly of metal and concrete structures, ensures the highest standards of quality, installation performance and safety in all the photovoltaic projects in which we have been involved.