About group ige

Our values

Professionalism, trust and experience at the service of our clients

Philosophy, Vision and Mission



At Grupo IGE we have based all our activity on what we call “the art of service”. We put all our talent, accumulated experience and resources at the service of our clients, their investments and projects in order to help them our talent, accumulated experience. And means to help our clients to accomplish their projects in the most honest and professional way. With a clear ap-proach based on transparency, integrity, rigour and trust. This has allowed us to consolidate long-term relationships with leading companies in the sector over the last two decades



To continue being a market reference and the best travel partner for our clients, helping them to define their uncertainties and managing the risk and construction of their renewable energy projects, whether wind, solar, hydroelectric or green hydrogen.
In the Iberian Peninsula as well as in other markets, taking advantage of the synergies of our international presence and experience.



To guarantee and make available to our clients all our talent and knowledge together with a strong commitment to reinvestment in production resources, attracting talent and technology. This will allow us to guarantee the minimisation of our clients’ risk, in addition to constant compliance with the best practices in the market, while remaining highly competitive.

Corporate culture

The culture of each person who forms part of the IGE Group and the one we transmit in each of our projects.

Equipo 1

We work as a team in an efficient and committed way.


We are unconformist and seek continuous improvement. We are committed to technology and talent.


We generate trust with a job well done and building long-term partnerships.


We are transparent and committed to combating corruption.


Through a sustainable and competitive business model, we want to create value for society and fight against climate change.


We combat discrimination and promote diversity and gender equality within our teams.~


Thanks to our commitment and a job well-performed, we have been awarded several distinc-tions over the last few years.

Premio 1


PME Líder ’21/22

Premio 2

PREMIO PME Excellence

Excelencia ’21