GROUP IGE completes the construction of a 12MW wind park for EDP Renovables España

Thanks to the work of our teams in the province of Burgos, GROUP IGE completed in December the works on the Delmoro wind park for a reference client with a long-standing relationship with our company, EDP Renovables.

The wind park consists of 4 Siemens Gamesa SG132-3MW wind turbines, each with a hub height of 132 meters and a unit capacity of 3 MW, resulting in a total capacity of 12 MW.

GROUP IGE, as main contractor, carried out the execution of all civil and electrical BoP works for the entire wind farm.

With this project, GROUP IGE reinforces its position as a leading provider of construction services in the renewable energy sector and as a key partner to ensure high quality standards and high risk minimisation.

Considering the carbon footprint, several challenges were overcome during the civil works at P.E Delmoro to minimise the environmental and landscape impact of our actions. Following design optimisation and land compensation, 8340 m of trenches, 4 reinforced concrete foundations for the turbines and 2 km of roads, among other auxiliary actions, were carried out.

The high performance achieved by the different construction teams, their high capacity to adapt to changes in the weather and a great professional background, have allowed the entire wind park to be built ahead of the planned dates for each milestone. The great coordination between the different teams involved demonstrated extraordinary management and efficiency in all processes.

Being one of the regions with the best wind resource in Europe, GROUP IGE will undoubtedly be working in Castilian-Leonese lands again in a short time.

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